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125 TOP Dermatology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Latest Dermatology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for pdf free download

1.    Which of the following would be prescribed for acne?
     A.    Actiq
     B.    Actonel
     C.    Accu-Check
     D.    Accutane
Ans: D  

2.    An absence of pigment in the skin is called
     A.    acanthosis nigricans
     B.    albinism
     C.    melanism
     D.    xanthoderma
Ans: B

3.    A burn which involves 2 layers of the skin and estroys the nerves and blood vessels, but does not go down to muscle or bone is a
     A.    first-degree burn
     B.    second-degree burn
     C.    third-degree burn
     D.    full-thickness burn
Ans: B

4.    Death of tissue associated with loss of blood supply to the affected area is called
     A.    cellulitis
     B.    eczema
     C.    gangrene
     D.    psoriasis
Ans: C

5.    An acute eruption of intensely itchy papules or wheals is called
     A.    acne vulgaris
     B.    pityriasis rosea
     C.    psoriasis
     D.    urticaria (hives.
Ans: D

6.    Moles with the potential to develop into malignant melanoma are
     A.    intradermal nevi
     B.    dysplastic nevi
     C.    giant nevi
     D.    verrucae
Ans: B

7.    The type of cyst contains yellowish sebum and is commonly found on the scalp, vulva, and scrotum.
     A.    papule
     B.    sebaceous cyst
     C.    ulcer
     D.    vesicle
Ans: B

8.    Excessive hair on the face or body, especially in women, is called:
     A.    albinism
     B.    atrichia
     C.    alopecia
     D.    hirsutism
Ans: D

9.    The half-moon shaped, white area located at the base of a fingernail is called the
     A.    basal layer
     B.    cuticle
     C.    lunula
     D.    stratum
Ans: C

10.    An epidermal growth caused by a virus (wart.) is called a
     A.    impetigo
     B.    melanoma
     C.    nevus
     D.    verruca
Ans: D

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