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80 TOP Hematology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Latest Hematology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for pdf free download

1.    Causes spurious decrease in MCV
     A.    Cryofibrinogen
     B.    hyperglycemia
     C.    autoagglutination
     D.    high WBC ct
     E.    reduced red cell deformability
Ans: A

2.    When the entire CBC is suppressed due to either anemia, infection, or hemorrhage is called?
     A.    Erythroplasia
     B.    Thrombocytopenia
     C.    Pancytopenia
     D.    Leukopenia
Ans: C

3.    Total RBC count for Women is?
     A.    4.4 -6
     B.    4.2-5
     C.    4.0-5.0
     D.    4.2-5.2
Ans: C

4.    Total RBC for men?
     A.    4.0-5.0
     B.    4.6-6.0
     C.    4.2-6.5
     D.    4.0-6.0
Ans: B

5.     What is the major metabolically available storage form of iron in the body?
     A.    Hemosiderin
     B.    Ferritin
     C.    Transferrin
     D.    Hemoglobin
Ans: B

6.     The best source of active bone marrow from a 20-year old would be:
     A.    Iliac Crest (hip)
     B.    Femur (thigh)
     C.    Distal radius (forearm)
     D.    Tibia (shin)
Ans: A

7.    Laboratory Studies: Red Cell Indices: Determination of relative size of RBC. 82-98 fl
     A.    MCH
     B.    MCV
     C.    MCHC
Ans: B

8.    Laboratory Studies: Red Cell Indices: Measurement of average weight of Hb/RBC.  27-33 pg
     A.    MCH
     B.    MCV
     C.    MCHC
Ans: B

9.    Laboratory Studies: Red Cell Indices: Evaluation of RBC saturation with Hb.  32-36%
     A.    MCV
     B.    MCH
     C.    MCHC
Ans: C

10.    There are 3 classifications of Anemia. What are they?
     A.    In adequate production of Hb
     B.    Decreased RBC production
     C.    Increased Erythrocyte destruction
     D.    Blood loss
Ans: A

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  1. what is wrong with that question?

  2. answer should be MCH for Q8, also Q10 didn't get it !!

    1. Its mcv.we divide anaemia on basis of size of rbcs whether they r microcytic or macrocytic.and size of rbcs are calculated by mcv

  3. For me platelet will decrease very often.. That time i use to hospitalised and they will give visolane after taking that platelets will get increase.. I just want to know what will be reason for this issue...

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