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42 TOP Gynecology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Latest Gynecology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for pdf free download

1. A 48-year-old woman presents with intermenstrual bleeding for two months and episodes of bleeding occurring any time in the cycle. There is no associated pain. Differential diagnosis for intermenstrual bleeding does not include:
a. endocervical polyp
b. cervical malignancy
c. endometrial polyp
d. ovarian teratoma
e. atrophic vaginitis.
Ans: d

2. All of the following drugs are associated with hyperprolactinaemia, apart from:
a. reserpine
b. progesterone-only contraceptive pill
c. methyldopa
d. ranitidine
e. chlorpromazine.
Ans: b

3. All of the following are effects of premature menopause, apart from:
a. decreased cardiovascular risk
b. infertility
c. osteoporosis
d. vasomotor symptoms
e. vaginal dryness.
Ans: a

4. A 32-year-old woman presents to the gynaecology clinic with infrequent periods. A hormone profi le is done and all of the following are consistent with polycystic ovarian syndrome, apart from:
a. increased androgen levels
b. normal FSH
c. normal oestradiol
d. decreased LH
e. low progesterone levels.
Ans: d

5. A 28-year-old woman attends the colposcopy clinic after an abnormal smear test. The smear is reported as severe dyskaryosis and she has an intrauterine contraceptive device in situ. All of the following statements are likely to be true, apart from:
a. the cervix is macroscopically normal
b. acetic acid is applied and an irregular white area is apparent to the left of the cervical os
c. Lugol’s iodine is applied and the same area stains dark brown while the rest of the cervix stains pale
d. a biopsy is taken
e. the IUCD can stay, as it will not aggravate the cervical abnormality.
Ans: c

6. A 24-year-old woman presents with the absence of periods for nine months. She started her periods at the age of 13 years and had a regular 28-day cycle until 18 months ago. The periods then became irregular, occurring every two to three months until they stopped completely. The following are all included in the differential diagnosis of secondary amenorrhoea, apart from:
a. excessive exercise
b. hyperprolactinaemia
c. hyperthyroidism
d. premature ovarian failure
e. signifi cant weight loss
Ans: c

7. The following statements regarding adenomyosis are true, apart from one.
a. It tends to occur in women over 35 years.
b. Risk factors include increased parity, termination and quick labours.
c. The condition commonly occurs in association with endometriosis.
d. With each period, bleeding occurs from the endometrial tissue into the smooth muscle.
e. The diagnosis can be made by ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging scan.
Ans: b

8. A 20-year-old woman is referred with a problem of post-coital bleeding. Over the past two months it has occurred on six occasions and there has been a small amount of bright red blood noticed after intercourse. There is no associated pain. The following investigations should initially be performed, apart from:
a. cervical smear
b. endocervical swab for chlamydia
c. colposcopy
d. endocervical swab for gonorrhoea
e. speculum examination to observe the cervix.
Ans: c

9 The following are all consistent with the diagnosis of antiphospholipid syndrome except:
a hydatidiform mole
b severe early-onset pre-eclampsia
c arterial or venous thrombosis
d mid-trimester fetal loss
e placental abruption.
Ans: a

10. The following are all causes of recurrent miscarriage, apart from:
a. parental chromosomal abnormality
b. activated protein C-resistance
c. uncontrolled hypothyroidism
d. chlamydia infection
e. submucosal fi broids.
Ans: d

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