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84 TOP Skin Multiple Choice Questions and answers

Latest Skin Multiple Choice Questions and answers pdf free download free
Skin Multiple Choice Questions and answers
Skin Multiple Choice Questions and answers
1.healthy skin requires special care to maintain its health, elasticity, vibrancy and?
     A.    color
     B.    pallor
     C.    dryness
     D.    dullness
     Ans: A  

2.what is the technical name for the study, including its structure, functions and treatment?
     A.    etiology
     B.    anatomy
     C.    pathology
     D.    dermatology
     Ans: D      

3.the outermost layer of the skin is called the ?
     A.    corium
     B.    dermis
     C.    adipose
     D.    epidermis
     Ans: D      

4.which of the following layers of skin does not contain and blood vessels?
     A.    cutis
     B.    dermis
     C.    corium
     D.    epidermis
     Ans: D      

5.what is another name for the stratum germinativum?
     A.    epidermis
     B.    dermal layer
     C.    stratum lucidum
     D.    basal layer or stratum basale
     Ans: D      

6.Where does mitosis (cell division) or replacment of the skin take place?
     A.    stratum lucidum
     B.    stratum corneum
     C.    stratum granulosm
     D.    statum greminativum
     Ans: D      

7.the stratum germinativm and what other layer of skin contain melanin?
     A.    dermis
     B.    subcutaneous
     C.    stratum corneum
     D.    stratum spinosum
     Ans: D      

8.on the human body, the thickest skin is located on the:
     A.    thighs
     B.    buttocks
     C.    abdomen
     D.    palms and soles
     Ans: D

9.The layer of the epidermis that sheds keratin cells that are constantly replaced is the?
     A.    stratum lucidum
     B.    stratum corneum
     C.    stratum mucosum
     D.    stratum granlosum
     Ans: B      

10.what quality is notable about the stratum corneum?
     A.    it is the thinnest layer of skin
     B.    it is the weakest layer of skin
     C.    it is the toughest layer of skin
     D.    it is lowermost layer of skin
     Ans: C    

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