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Basic Bio-Chemistry Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download

81. Which is element exhibit allotrope in the 6thA group?

82. Which is the most stable sulphur at room temperature?
Rhombic Sulphur

83. Which oxo acids of sulphur contain S-S bonds?
Thio acids
Thio sulphuric acid is. What are the nature of acid and how many OH? Groups are present in it.
Thio Sulphuric acid is H2S2O3
H2S2O7 is. Oxidation state of sulphur in it is.
H2S2O7 is Di (or) pyro Sulphuric acid and oxidation state of Sulphur is +6
Oil of Vitriol and king of chemicals is called.
H2SO4 Sulphuric acid

84. What is the formula of Hypo in Oxidation state of sulphur?
The formula of Sodium Thio Sulphate is Na2S2O3. H2O is called as hypo Oxidation state of Sulphur in it is +6 0r -2

85. How many elements are there in 3d-series of first transition series?
Ten elements from Sc (Z=21) to Zn (z=30) or {Sc –scandium to Zn (zinc)}

86. In 3d-series, which two elements exhibit an anomalous configuration?
Chromium Cr(Z=24) = [Ar] 4s1 3 d5
Copper(Cu)(Z=29)= [Ar] 4s1 3 d10
In transition series the element with maximum Ionization energy is.
Zinc – due to stable electronic configuration

86. What is the element in third series the element with maximum oxidation state?
Mn – manganese -+7-oxidation state

87. Why FE3+ ion is more stable than Fe2+ ion is?
Because of stable, half filled 3 d5 electronic configurations in fe3+
Magnetic property exhibited by which of the following element? Fe, Co, Ni
Ferro magnetic

88. Why the transition metal ions or compounds exhibit color?
Due to incomplete partially filled d- orbitals

89. In which oxidation state chromium exhibit different color?
Chromium is Blue in +2 states, Green in +3 states and Yellow in +6 state.

90. The bond formed between the transition metal ion and ligand is?
Co-ordination covalent bond
Transitional metal Ions can form complex compounds by.
By accepting the lone pair of electrons from ligand

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