Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Job Interview Bio-Chemistry Interview Questions and Answers

71. How much amount of energy is required to break the Triple bond in nitrogen molecule?
225 Kcal/mole or 945.4 KJ/mole

72. How many sigma and pi bonds are present in nitrogen formula?
Each nitrogen molecule contain one sigma and 2 Pi bonds

73. What are the important sources of Phosphorus?
Sources of Phosphorous are Phosphate rocks
•    Flourapatite {2Ca3 (PO4)2 CaF2}
•    Phosphorite {Ca3 (PO4)2}

74. Name two elements, which are Non-metallic in nature in 5th A group?
Nitrogen and Phosphorous

75. What is Allotropy?
Nitric acid

Negative oxidation states of nitrogen are because.
Higher Electro negativity

76. What is the molecular formula, Structure, and bond angle of Phosphorous?
P4- Phosphorous molecule (Tetra atomic)
Structure- Tetrahedral
Bond angle – (60 degrees)

77. What is the Anhydride of N2O5?
Nitric acid

78. Why nitrogen cannot form penta halides?
Because of the absence of d-orbital in its valency shells
Ortho Phosphoric acid is. Give oxidation no of phosphorous in it.
H3PO4-ortho phosphoric acid
Oxidation state of phosphorous is +5

79. What is the Super phosphate of lime?
Ca (H2Po4)2 caSO4. 2H2O. Super phosphate of lime is also called as Calcium super Phosphate
Sixth group elements are called as.
Chalcogens (ore forming elements)

80. What is the other name of sulphur?
Sulphur molecule exists as.
S8 molecule (octa atomic)

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