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Frequently Asked Bio-Chemistry Interview Questions and Answers

61. What does Ammonal contain? For what purpose it is used.
It is a mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminium powder is called ammonal, which is used as an explosive in Bombs.

62. What is Thermite mixture?
A mixture of Fe2O3 and ammonium powder in 3:1 ratio is called Thermite mixture.

63. What are hydrides of boron called?

64. Which Univalent element cannot form Alums and why?
Lithium (Li+) does not produce alums because of its very small size.

65. How do we prepare Diborane?
The Diborane (B2H6) is prepared by the reduction of BCl3 with aluminium hydride
B2H6+3AlCl3+3LiClĂ 4 BCl3+3LiAlH4

66. What is Banana bond? Diborane contains how many banana bonds
In Diborane B-H-B, bridge, which is formed by the sharing of two electrons, is called banana bond or Tau bond Diborane contains two banana bonds.

67. Give the formula of Borax. Borax is chemically called as.
Borax Na2B4O7 10H2O is chemically called as hydrated sodium tetra borate

68. Garnet is the ore of which element. Give its chemical formula.
Garnet is Silicate ore of Aluminium
(MgFe) 3 AlSi3O2.

69. How do you call fifth, ‘A’ group elements collectively?

Name the family of fifth ‘A’ group elements.
Nitrogen Family

70. Which is the most reactive element in Nitrogen family?

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