Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Most recent asked Bio-Chemistry Interview Questions and Answers

51. Why the 2A group elements are called Alkaline earth elements?
The elements occur in earth and the oxides of these metals are basic in nature hence the name alkaline earth metals.

52. Give the formula for baking soda.
The formula for baking soda is NaHCO3.

53. What is the name for magnesium per chlorate and what is its formula?
Magnesium per chlorate is called Anhydrone {mg (ClO4)2}

54. Bleaching powder is obtained when cl2 is passes through.
Dry Slake lime
CaOCl2+H2OàCa (OH) 2+Cl2

55. What is the ratio of slaked lime and sand in mortar?
Ratio is 1:3

56. Which elements are present in Electron?
Electron consist of 95 % mg, 5% Zn

57. Which are the most abundant metal and third abundant element in the earth crust?
Aluminium (Al) (7.28%)

58. What is inert pair effect?
The reluctances of ns electrons in the participation of bond formation is called inert pair effect

59. What is the process, by which Aluminium is refined?
By Hoope’s process

60. Which process is used in welding the gaps in railway tracks?
Gold Schmidt’s alumino thermi process

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