Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Latest Bio-Chemistry Interview Questions and Answers

41. Which property among the following generally decreases from top to bottom in a group 1A? 
1. Electropositive, Density, Basic nature, classical reactivity
Electro affinity, electro negativity, Ionisational potential, melting and boiling points decreases from top to bottom in a group 1A from lithium to caesium

42. Alkaline metals when dissolved in ammonium (NH3) act as better conductor and better reducing agent what is the reason behind it?
Due to formation of solvated or Ammoniated electrons

43. Which element in 1A group is lighter than water?
Lithium, Sodium, and potassium

44. What are the raw materials used for the precipitation of Na2Co3 by Solvay ammonium Process?
Sodium Chloride, limestone and ammonia

45. Give the chemical formula for Borax.
(Na2) B4 (O7) .10(H2) O

46. Give the formula for Peral Ash.
The formula for Peral Ash is K2CO3.

47. What are the compounds used for extraction of Gold and Silver?
NaCN and KCN

48. Which is the most Abundant Alkaline earth element?

49. Which is the least abundant Alkaline earth element?

50. What is the Chemical formula for Epsom salt?
MgSO4. 7H20

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