Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Experienced Bio-Chemistry Interview Questions and Answers

31. What are the units of bond length?
The intermolecular distance between the bonded atoms in a molecule is called bond length and the units are Angstrom units (A0)

32. What is the order of C-H bond length in C2H6 and C2H4 and C2H2?
c2h6>c2h4 >c2h2

33. Define bond angle.
The angle between the lines joining the nuclei of the bonded atom with a central atom is called bond angle.

34. Define bond energy.
The amount of energy released when one mole of bonds are formed between the corresponding gaseous atoms is called Bond energy.

35. Define the phenomenon resonance.
When a molecule is represented by two or more nearly equal structures, which differ in the arrangement of electrons, then the molecule is said to exhibit resonance.

36. Which group of elements is called alkaline earth metals?
1st A group because the oxides and hydrides are alkaline in nature
Among 1A group elements why the element lithium is the most powerful, reducing agent in equivalent state
Due to its low sublimation and hydration energy

37. What is the property of Alkaline earth metal Ions?

38. Which metal is more metallic in nature among 1A group elements?

39. Which element in 1A group does not form peroxides?

40. Which property among the following generally increases from top to bottom in a group 1A? 
1. Electropositive, Density, Basic nature, classical reactivity
Electropositive, Density, Basic nature, classical reactivity, and solubility generally increase from top to bottom from lithium to caesium.

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