Friday, 8 January 2016

Job Interview Bio-technology Interview Questions and Answers

71. What is the disease caused by TSE causing agents?
New variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

72. What is the disease caused by influenza ‘A’ subtype H9N2?
New strain of human influenza

73. What happens when gastrointestinal exposure occurs?
Gastrointestinal exposure results in bloody diarrhea, ulcers in ileum or cecum and sepsis and it is very difficult to diagnosis.

74. What happens when cutaneous exposure occurs?
Cutaneous exposure results in skin lesions.

75. How passive immunity is acquired?
Passive immunity is acquired through natural maternal antibodies, antitoxin, and immunoglobulin.

76. How is active immunity acquired?
Active immunity is acquired through vaccines, attenuated organisms, toxoid, natural infection, cloned microbial antigens, etc.

77. Normally at what age vaccination of children begins.
Vaccination of children begins at the age of 2 months.

78. What is a toxoid?
Inactivating the toxin with formaldehyde is toxoid.

79. Why purified macromolecules are used as vaccines?
To avoid the risk associated with attenuated and killed whole organism vaccines.

80.Name some purified macromolecules derived from pathogens.
They are capsular polysaccharides, inactivated exotoxins and recombinant microbial antigens.

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