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Basic Bio-technology Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download

81. What is the full form of AIDS?
Full form of AIDS is acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome.

82. How AIDS is caused?
It is caused by the infection of HIV 1 i.e. human immunodeficiency virus.

83. What is a retrovirus?
It is a class of viruses having RNA genome and reverse transcriptase enzyme within virus cuspid.

84. What is a provirus?
It is the DNA representing, the genome of virus that has been integrated into the DNA of the host.

85. How HIV infection is mainly spread?
It is mainly spread by sexual contact, blood transfers and from HIV infected mother to child.

86. What is the treatment for HIV?
Anti-retroviral drugs are given. They lower the viral load and gives relief from infection, but it is not permanent it is temporary relief i.e. it cannot cure.

87. What does HIV results?
HIV results in impairment of immune function by depletion oh CD4+ T cells.

88. What does immunodeficiency results?
Immunodeficiency results in failure of one or more components of immune system.

89. What does myeloid immunodeficiency cause?
Myeloid immunodeficiency causes phagocytic function, which is impaired. Those who are affected with this will suffer with increase in susceptibility to bacterial infection.

90. What do most vaccines function as?
Most of the vaccines prevent disease but not infection.

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