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Common Bio-technology Interview Questions and Answers pdf

91. What are major successful vaccines?
Major successful vaccines are live attenuated and heat killed vaccines.

92. What is the current treatment given to AIDS?
Current treatment given to AIDS is HAART (highly active anti retroviral therapy).It is a combination therapy.

93. What does HAART do?
HAART will lower the viral load and improves the health of the patients who are suffering with AIDS.

94. What is the first overt indication of AIDS?
The first overt indication of AIDS may be infection with the fungus Candida albicans, which causes sores in the mouth and in women vulvovaginal yeast infection is formed that will not respond to the treatment given.

95. How viral load can be measured?
Viral load is measured by PCR based techniques.

96. What is an abzyme?
It is a monoclonal antibody, which has catalytic activity.

97. What is adoptive transfer?
The ability to participate in the immune response by the process of transplantation of cells is adoptive transfer.

98. What is an agglutinin?
A substance can mediate clumping of the cells or particles.

99. What is agglutination?
Clumping of particles or cells is called agglutination.

100. What is an agretope?
The region of an antigenic peptide, which binds to MCH molecule, is known as agretope.

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