Monday, 12 October 2015

Common Hematology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

51.    The shape of a cell is maintained by which of the following?
      A.    Microtubules
     B.    Spindle Fibers
     C.    Ribosomes
     D.    Centrioles
Ans: A

52.    At which month of fetal development does the bone marrow ecome the primary site of hematopoiesis??
      A.    2nd
     B.    5th
     C.    End of 6th month
     D.    End of 7th month
Ans: C

53.    Which types of cells develop from yolk sacs (Mesoblastic phase)?
     A.    Hb F, Hg A2, and Hg A
     B.    Gower 1 and Gower 2 Hgb
     C.    Portland Hgb
     D.    Only Erythroblasts
Ans: D

54.    Normal Adult Hb A contains the following polypeptide chains:
      A.    alpha and beta
     B.    alpha and epsilon
     C.    alpha and delta
     D.    alpha and brotherton
Ans: A

55.    Allergic reactions are frequently associated with an increase in the prescence of :
      A.    Lymphocytes
     B.    Neutrophils
     C.    Monocytes
     D.    Eosinophils
Ans: D

56.    Lipid exchange between the RBC membrane and the plasma occurs:
      A.    To replace lost lipids in the membrane
     B.    To provide a mechanism for excretion of lipid-soluble RBC waste products
     C.    To ensure symmetry between the composition of the interior and exterior lipid layers
     D.    To provide lipid-soluble nutrients to the RBC
Ans: A

57.    After the microscope has been adjusted for Kohler illumination, light intensity should never be regulated by using the...
      A.    Rheostat
     B.    Neutral density filter
     C.    Kohler magnifier
     D.    Condenser
Ans: D

58.    Which of the followong types of microscopy is valuable in the identification of crystals that are able to rotate light?
     A.    Compound brightfield
     B.    Darkfield
     C.    Polarizing
     D.    Phase-contrast
Ans: C

59.    During the Medullary Phase of hematopoietic development, which bone is the first to show hematopoietic activity?
     A.    Femur
     B.    Iliac Crest
     C.    Skull
     D.    Clavicle
Ans: D

60.    Given the following values, calculate the RPI Observed reticulocyte count - 6% Hct- 30%
     A.    2
     B.    3
     C.    4
     D.    5
Ans: A