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Latest Hematology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

61.    The lipids of the RBC membrane are arranged:
      A.    In chains beneath a protein exoskeleton
     B.    So that the hydrophobic portions are facing the plasma
     C.    In a hexagonal lattice
     D.    In two layers that are not symmetric in composition
Ans: D

62.    The hexose monophosphate pathway activity increases the RBC source of
      A.    Glucose and lactic acid
     B.    2,3-BPG and methemoglobin
     C.    NADPH and reduced glutathione
     D.    ATP and other purine metabolites
Ans: C

63.    Which single feature of normal RBC's is most responsible for limiting their life span?
      A.    Loss of mitochondria
     B.    Increased flexibility of the cell membrane
     C.    Reduction of Hb iron
     D.    Loss of nucleus
Ans: D

64.    In the Iron cycle, the transferrin receptor carries:
     A.    Iron out of duodenal cells from the intestinal lumen
     B.    Iron out of duodenal cells into the plasma
     C.    transferrin-bound iron in the plasma
     D.    transferrin-bound iron into erythrocytes
Ans: D

65.    A multilineage cytokine among the ILs is:
     A.    IL-1
     B.    IL-2
     C.    IL-3
     D.    IL-4
Ans: A

66.    Which of the following cells may develop in sites other than the bone marrow?
     A.    Monocyte
     B.    Lymphocyte
     C.    Megakaryocyte
     D.    Neutrophil
Ans: B

67.    The acceptable range for hemoglobin values on a control sample is 13 + or - 0.4 g/dL. A hemoglobin determination is performed five times in succession on the same control sample. The results are (in g/dL. 12 12.3, 12, 12.2, and 12.1) These results are:
     A.    Precise, but not accurate
     B.    Both accurate and precise
     C.    Accurate, but not precise
     D.    Neither accurate nor precise
Ans: A

68.    The layer of the erythrocyte membrane that is largely responsible for the shape, structure, and deformability of the cell is the:
     A.    Integral protein
     B.    Exterior lipid
     C.    Peripheral protein
     D.    Interior lipid
Ans: C

69.    During midfetal life, the primary source of blood cells is the:
     A.    Bone marrow
     B.    Spleen
     C.    Lymph Nodes
     D.    Liver
Ans: D

70.    In the bone marrow, RBC precursors are located:
     A.    In the center of the hematopoietic cords
     B.    Adjacent to megakaryocytes along the adventitial cell lining
     C.    Surrounding fat cells in apoptotic islands
     D.    Surrounding macrophages near the sinus membrane
Ans: D

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