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Tricky Hematology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

71.    Which of the following gathers, organizes, and directs light through the specimen?
     A.    Ocular
     B.    Objective lens
     C.    Condenser
     D.    Optical Tube
Ans: C

72.    How are the globin chains genes arranged? Note: a means alpha, B means beta
     A.    With a genes and B genes on the same chromosome including two a genes and two B genes
     B.    With a genes and B genes on seperate chromosomes, two a genes on one chromosome and one B gene on a different chromosome
     C.    With a genes and B genes on the same chromosome - including four a genes and four B genes
     D.    With a genes and B genes on separate chromosomes - four a genes on one chromosome and two B genes on a different chromosome
Ans: B

73.    The maximum number of erythrocytes generated by one Multipotential Stem Cell is:
     A.    8
     B.    1
     C.    12
     D.    16
Ans: D

74.    What is the distribution of normal Hb in adults?
     A.    80-90% Hb A, 5-10% Hb A2, 1-5% Hb F
     B.    >95% Hb A, <3.5 % Hb A2, <1-2% Hb F
Ans: B

75.    The most frequent cause of needle punctures is:
     A.    Patient movement during venipuncture
     B.    Improper disposal of phlebotomy equipment
     C.    Inattention during removal of needle after venipuncture
     D.    Failure to attach needle firmly to tube holder
Ans: B

76.    Iron is incorporated into the heme molecule in which of the following forms:
     A.    Ferro
     B.    Ferrous
     C.    Ferric
     D.    Apoferritin
Ans: B

77.    The most important practice in preventing the spread of disease is:
     A.    Wearing masks during patient contact
     B.    Proper handwashing
     C.    Wearing disposable lab coats
     D.    Identifying specimens from known or suspected HIV and

HBV patients with a red label
Ans: B

78.    Which of the following would correlate with an elevated ESR value?
     A.    Osteoarthritis
     B.    Polycythemia
     C.    Decreased globulins
     D.    Inflammation
Ans: D

79.    The enzyme deficiency in the Embden-Meyerhof pathway that is responsible for most cases of nonspherocytic hemolytic anemia is:
     A.    Hexokinase
     B.    Phosphotriptokinase
     C.    Pyruvate Kinase
     D.    Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate
Ans: C

80.    The most common type of protein found in the cell membrane is:
     A.    Lipoprotein
     B.    Mucoprotein
     C.    Glycoprotein
     D.    Nucleoprotein
Ans: C

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