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Frequently Asked History of Micro Biology Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

71. Who perfected a magnetic lens in 1927
a. Gabor
b. Broglie
c. Busch
d. None of these
Ans: A

72. The magnefication power of electron microscope developed by Knell and Ruska is
a. 10,000x
b. 12,000x
c. 15,000x
d. 20,000x
Ans: B

73. In electron microscope source of electrons is from
a. Mercury lamp
b. Tungsten metal
c. Both a and b
d. None of these
Ans: B

74. The electron passed out from the specimen are called
a. Primary electrons
b. Secondary electrons
c. Tertiary electrons
d. None of these
Ans: B

75. Mycorrhiza was first observed by 
a. Funk
b. Frank
c. Fisher
d. Crick
Ans: B

76. The transfer of genetic material during transformation is proved basing on Griffith’s experiment by
a. Avery Macleod & Mc.Carthy
b. Lederberg & Taulum
c. Zinder & Lederberg
d. Watson & Crick
Ans: A

77. Phagocytic theory was proposed by
a. Louis Pasteur
b. Elie Metchnikoff
c. Behring
d. Widal
Ans: B

78. Anaphylaxia was first observed by
a. Parter & Richet
b. Coombs
c. Gell
d. None of these
Ans: A

79. Primary mediators in anaphylaxis
a. Histamine
b. Seratonin
c. Heparin
d. All of these
Ans: D

80. Arthus reaction was discovered by
a. Marrice Arthus
b. Von Perquit
c. Richet
d. Porter
Ans: A

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