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Hematology Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31.    This drug can potentiate the effect of prostacyclins to antagonize platelet stickiness and therefore decreases platelet adhesion to thrombogenic surfaces.
     A.    Sulfinpyrazone
     B.    Dipyridamole
     C.    ticlopidine
Ans: B

32.    Which drug can be given as a prophylaxis  for cadriovascular effects?
1. Ticlopidine
2. Clopidogrel
3. dipyridamol
     A.    all
     B.    1 and 2
     C.    1 and 3
     D.    2 and 3
Ans: D

33.    Which drug can increase intracellular levels of cAMP by inhibiting cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase?
1. Sildenafil
2. Ticlopidine
3. Clopidogrel
4. dipyridamol
     A.    1, 3, 4
     B.    1, 2 , 3
     C.    1, 4
Ans: C

34.    Warfarin should be used with caution in the following:
     A.    Alcoholic liver disease
     B.    Gastrointestinal bleeding
     C.    recent neurosugery
     D.    Liver impairment
Ans: D

35.    Isozymes of 2C can greatly effect warfarin
     A.    True
     B.    False
Ans: A

36.    absolute lymphocytosis (>5000/mm^3) without adenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly, anemia, thrombocytopenia is what stage in CLL prognosis Scoring-Rai Staging System?

    A.      Stage 0
     B.    Stage I
     C.    Stage II
     D.    Stage III
     E.    Stage IV
Ans: A

37.    Conventional treatment is ______ for Rai stage II
     A.    Antibiotics
     B.    chemotherapy
     C.    Antivirals
     D.    rest
Ans: B

38.    In patients with low numbers of neoplastic cells, sometimes due to treatment, PCR to amplify DNA can improve sensitivity, and detect signs of relapse.
     A.    True
     B.    False
Ans: A

39.    Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is most common leukemia in what kind of people? Slide 4
     A.    young adults
     B.    older adults
Ans: B

40.    absolute lymphocytosis  and thrombocytopenia( < 100,000/mm^3) with or without lymphadenopathy, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, or anemia  is what stage in CLL prognosis Scoring-Rai Staging System?
     A.    Stage 0
     B.    Stage I
     C.    Stage II
     D.    Stage III
     E.    Stage IV
Ans: E

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