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50 Top Genetics Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

1- A 35-year-old man presents with an inherited neurological disorder. His father developed the disease in his 60s and his daughter was born 2 years ago with a severe form of the condition. His mother, sister, wife and other child, a son, are unaffected. What is the mode of inheritance?
1) autosomal inheritance
2) Mitochondrial inheritance
3) Polygenic inheritance
4) Trinucleotide repeat disease
5) X-linked inheritance

2- Which of the following conditions may be detectable by growth monitoring?
1) Hyperthyroidism
2) Hypothyroidism
3) Pseudohypoparathyroidism
4) XYY Syndrome
5) Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

3- You are asked advice by a young professional couple, Mr and Mrs X. Mrs X is 9 weeks pregnant. Mr X’s brother and his partner had a child with cystic fibrosis. As a result, Mr X was screened and found to carry the DF508 mutation for cystic fibrosis. Mrs X declines to be tested. What are the chances of Mr and Mrs X’s child having cystic fibrosis, given that the gene frequency for this mutation in the general population is 1/20.
1) 1/4
2) 1/20
3) 1/40
4) 1/80
5) 1/160

4- In meiosis which of the following is true?
1) DNA replication occurs during meiosis 1.
2) At the beginning of meiosis 2, each cell contains 23 single chromosomes.
3) Anaphase lag results in one of the 2 daughter cells receiving an extra part of one chromosome.
4) Non-disjunction at mitosis (meisois 2) results in mosaicism.
5) The incidence of Down's Syndrome due to translocation increases with increasing maternal age.

5- Which ONE of the following have their own self replicating DNA?
1) Golgi body
2) Lysosomes
3) mitochondria
4) Peroxisome
5) Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

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