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Most recent asked Pharmacology Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

71- Which of the following is the oral hypoglycaemic agent Rosiglitazone?
1) A Perixisome Proliferator Activating Receptor (PPAR)-alpha agonist
2) A Peroxisome Proliferator Activating Receptor (PPAR)-gamma agonist
3) A Sulphonylurea
4) A Biguanide
5) An alpha-Glucosidase inhibitor

72- Which of the following is true concerning oral hypoglycaemic agents?
1) Acarbose promotes insulin secretion in response to meals
2) Chlorpropamide induces liver enzymes
3) Glibenclamide is excreted unchanged by the kidney
4) Gliclazide inhibits gluconeogenesis
5) Metformin inhibits hepatic gluconeogenesis

73- The following are the causes of drug induced hepatitis except:
1) Isoniazid
2) Amiodarone
3) Pyrazinamide
4) Ethambutol
5) Methyldopa

74- A 21 year old female with epilepsy is well controlled on sodium valproate 600mg bd and had been taking oral contraceptives for three years. She presented to her general practitioner 12 weeks pregnant. Which of the following is correct?
1) An alternative anticonvulsant should be used in place of sodium valproate
2) Interaction of sodium valproate with the oral contraceptive increased the risk of pregnancy
3) The dose of sodium valproate should be increased
4) There is an increased risk of a neural tube defect in her fetus
5) She is at increased risk of anaemia in pregnancy

75- Which of the following antiarrhythmic drugs may be used in the treatment of long QT syndrome?
1) Amiodarone
2) Atenolol
3) Flecainide
4) Propofanone
5) Sotalol

76- A new drug is being studied to find the most appropriate dose in a dose response study. Small doses of the drug lead to a linear increase in serum drug concentration. At higher doses there is an exponential rise in serum drug concentration. Which of the following best describes the pharmacokinetic properties of this new drug?
1) first order kinetics
2) first pass effect
3) long plasma half life
4) saturation kinetics
5) zero order kinetics

77- Which of the following concerning the conjugation of bilirubin is correct?
1) is catalysed by a glucuronyl transferase
2) occurs in the Kupfer cells of the liver
3) is increased by valproate
4) is inhibited by rifampicin
5) is impaired in Dubin-Johnson syndrome

78-Which of the following doses of prednisolone is equivalent in its glucocorticoid potency to 20mg of hydrocortisone.
1) 2 mg
2) 5 mg
3) 10 mg
4) 15 mg
5) 20 mg

79- A 33 year old epileptic female presents with visual problems. Examination reveals a constriction of visual fields to confrontation. Which of the following may be responsible for her visual deterioration?
1) Vigabatrin
2) Lamotrigine
3) Gabapentin
4) Phenytoin
5) Sodium Valproate

80- A 2 week old male child is brought to casualty by his concerned parents with diarrhoea and vomiting. He is the first child of a young couple. Examination reveals few features besides obvious dehydration. He is noted to have a penile length of 3.5cms. Which of the following is the most appropriate inital treatment for this patient?
1) Cow's milk allergy is the most likely diagnosis
2) gluten-enteropathy should be excluded
3) Requires urgent treatment with oral steroids
4) Requires urgent treatment with IV normal saline
5) Rota virus gastroenteritis is the most likely diagnosis

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