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Experienced Immunology Interview Questions and Answers

31. Name two enzymes that have been employed for ELISA.
1.    Alkaline, phosphatase, horseradish, preoxidase
2.    Para nitro phenyl phosphatase

32. What is the basic principle of ELISA?
The basic principle is an enzyme conjugated to n antibody reacts with a colorless substrate to generate a colored product.

33. What is the full form of ELISA?
Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbant Assay.

34. What are the uses of indirect immuno fluorescence?
1.    For identifying bacterial species
2.    Detecting antigen-antibody complexes in autoimmune diseases
3.    Detecting compliment components in tissues.
4.    Localizing hormones

35. What are the advantages of indirect immuno fluorescence?
The primary does not need to be conjugated with label.
It increases the sensitivity of staining because multiple fluorochrome reagents will bind to each antibody molecule.
This method has great flexibility.

36. What is indirect immuno fluorescence?
In a method the primary unlabelled antibody is detected with a number of reagents have been developed for indirect staining. The most common is fluorescence labeled anti isotype antibody such as fluoroscin labeled goat- mouse antibody.

37. What is the disadvantage of direct immuno fluorescence?
A separate fluorescent conjugate have to be prepared against each antigen to be tested.

38. What is direct immuno fluorescence?
In this method, the species antibodies are primary antibodies, which are directly conjugated to fluorescent dye.

39. Into how many types is immuno fluorescence is divided?
Immuno fluorescence is divided into 2 types-
1.    Direct immuno fluorescence
2.    Indirect immuno fluorescence

40. What are the most commonly used fluorescent dyes?
The most commonly used fluorescent dyes are fluorescin or rhodamine. Both dyes can be conjugated to Fc region of antibody without affecting the specificity of the antigen.

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