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Freshers Immunology Interview Questions and Answers pdf

21. What is a binder?
The binding protein (usually antibody) which binds to the ligand is called as binder.

22. What is an analyte or ligand?
The substance whose concentration is to be determined is called as an analyte or ligand.

23. What is importance of radio immuno assay?
It is the most sensitive technique used for detecting antigen or antibody. This type of reaction is also called as binder ligand assay.

24. In radio immuno assay what is the used to label an antigen?
In this technique, the antigen is generally labeled with a- emitting isotopes such as I125.

25. What is radio immuno assay?
It is a competitive binding assay in which fixed amount of antibody and radiolabelled antigen react in the presence of unlabelled antigen.

26. What is western blotting?
Identification of specific protein in a complex mixture of proteins can be accomplished bye a technique that is known as western blotting.

27. What are the enzymes used for labeling of antibodies?
Enzymes used for labeling of antibodies are horseradish peroxidase, alkaline phosphatase, ?- galactosidase, lacto preoxidase, etc.

28. What is the significance of indirect ELISA?
It is used for the detection of the presence of serum antibodies against immuno deficiency virus (HIV, the causative agent of AIDS).

29. In how many ways ELISA can be carried out.
It can be carried out in three ways.
Indirect ELISA
Sand witch ELISA
Competitive ELISA

30. What is the significance of ELISA?
It is used for the detection and for identification of either antigen or antibody.

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