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Freshers Genetics Interview Questions and Answers for freshers pdf free download

11.Explain gene doping.
The non-therapeutic utilization of genetic elements like the cells and the genes and the modulation of gene expression, in order to develop the athletic performance of a person is gene doping.

12.How can the genetic farming be advantageous for the farmers?
Genetic farming basically deals with the development of genetically modified seeds, plants and fertilizers in order to yield more harvest. It also involves the application of higher technology for improving the agricultural pattern. It simplifies the process of agriculture thereby resulting in the increase of profits.

13.Describe a few potential harms of genetic engineering?
The development of unsafe chemical products like insecticides, pesticide and various drugs, the involuntary elevation food toxicity levels due to the application of recent food preservation technology, environmental damage due to artificial breeding etc. are some of the visible negative effects of Genetics.

14.What are the characteristic traits of the stem cells?
Stem cells are the immature, embryonic cells found in the earlier stages of fetus development that are characterized by the capability to renew themselves in the process of mitotic cell division. After division, they can differentiate into a miscellaneous range of cells; in short they are totipotent cells.

15.What is sickle cell Anemia?
In this genetic disorder, the human RBCs loose their characteristic biconvex shape and distort to form a sickle like shape. This reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of these cells thereby, raising a fatal condition for the humans.

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