Thursday, 7 January 2016

Genetics Interview Questions and Answers

6. Why did you want to work in clinical genetics?
Well, the answer to this one is similar to my answer to the first question.  I love the fact that this is a relatively new field that is on the cutting edge of incorporating research into new modalities of the treatment of diseases that were once thought incurable.I've also gained quite a bit of personal satisfaction from not only doing my part as a responsible citizen, but doing it in such a way that directly affects people's lives in the most personal way - helping them to get better.

7. Describe Klinefelter's syndrome?
It is a characteristic disorder in which the addition of an extra X sex chromosome (aneuploidy) takes place in the genetic makeup of an individual. The females possess an XXX chromosomal structure, while the males comprise XXY. This extra chromosome results in sexual deformity.

8. What do you mean by Parkinson's Disease?
It is a briefly described as the movement disorder. It results in the deformity of the central nervous system and habitually impairs the mental ability, motor skills, speech, and other functions of the sufferer.

9. How can you define 'Fruit fly Genetics'?
This field involves various techniques and experiments conducted on the fruit fly, to understand the genetic pattern of the fruit fly (Drosophila). It is the best organism to conduct a research on, for the genetic engineers.

10. Explain the concept behind Athletic genes.
Genes that are reported to affect the athletic performance of an individual are termed as the Athletic gene.

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