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Freshers Neurology Interview Questions and Answers pdf

11. When does an IMG need to have their ECFMG certificate?
A. At the time you begin residency. You will need it in order to obtain a Missouri Medical License.

12. How many letters of recommendations do you require?
A. 3

13. How many positions do we have?
A. 9

14. How did you decide on your specialty?
I was fairly sure that I wanted to go into neurology from the time I entered medical school. I had been a neuroscience major as an undergraduate and while I don't like doing basic science research myself, I greatly enjoy learning the science on which the field of neurology is based. However, there are many people who enjoy neuroscience without enjoying neurology, so held my final decision to enter the field of neurology until I had done my clinical rotation. A few days into my rotation, I found that I enjoyed the strong, long-term relationships neurologist enjoyed with their patients and was not "depressed" by the patient's diseases or the degree to which they could be treated (a common complaint made by those who despise neurology). Another highly significant factor in my decision was that I seemed to get along best (e.g. thinking processes, sense of humor) with the neurology residents and faculty.

15. How did you prepare yourself for application to your chosen specialty?
Since only two weeks of neurology are required at my medical school, it was absolutely crucial that I did a sub-internship in neurology before interviewing in neurology. Otherwise, it would have been hard to justify that I truly had an interest in this field. While I don't think that it is mandatory, the two summers that I spent doing research in neurology was useful preparation.

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