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Neurology Interview Questions and Answers for freshers pdf free download

6. How do I apply for residency and what is the application deadline?
A. We only accept applications through ERAS. Please review their website for further application information. ERAS' website is: We will not accept any application information directly. You must apply through ERAS. We will begin accepting applications September 1, 2010. The deadline for applications is October 31, 2010.

7. When do interviews generally take place?
A. Interviews begin in November and go through January. We interview Neurology applicants on Tuesdays. You will meet with the Internal Medicine group on Monday to learn about their program and then interview with Neurology on Tuesday.

8. What can I expect during a typical interview day?
A. After the Internal Medicine on Monday, you will be invited to join the Neurology residents and faculty at a welcome reception and then have dinner with the residents. Please feel free to ask questions about the program. On Tuesday you will interview with Neurology. An overview of the program will begin at 7:00am and the interviewing process will begin at 7:30am. You will also tour other parts of the campus. You are then invited to lunch with residents and faculty within the department. Your interview day should end around 1:30 - 2:00pm.

9. What are the USMLE Score Requirements?
A. We look at the ENTIRE application ~ just not the USMLE scores. However, we prefer to see the scores in the 90's on the first attempt. This is not to imply that if your scores are in the 80's that you will not be considered. We review the entire application.

10. What is the cut-off year for graduation?
A. 10 years

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