Thursday, 7 January 2016

Tricky Cardiologist Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf

11. What is your area of specialization and why you have chosen this area for your specialization?
I have done my specialization in the field of Cardiology and Surgery and Diseases of Special Organs and Systems. I have chosen this area because I love to accompany with the children. I also know that if an infant is cured at the early age there will be a dream world free from the diseases.

12. What is the difference in the Adult and Pediatrics Medicines?
there are so many differences. It depends upon the size of the body and the physiology of the adult and children. A major difference between a Pediatric and an adult medicine is that the children are minors and in most of jurisdictions they cannot make any decisions for themselves. Therefore, the issues of the responsibility, seclusion, legal responsibility and informed permission must always be considered. In a sense, Pediatricians have to ask their parents before treating the children.

13. What do you mean by Cardiomyopathy?
Sir, Cardiomyopathy is a kind of heart muscle disease which occurs after the failing and weakening of the function of the myocardium i.e. the actual heart muscle. It is an abnormal heart condition in which the heart is dilated i.e. having the poor pumping power, preventive i.e. impaired capability of the heart to fill, and hypertrophic means enlarged heart.

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