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Freshers Cardiologist Interview Questions and Answers pdf

6. Name the diseases of Aorta and Carotid Arteries.
the diseases of Aorta is Coarctation of aorta, Aortic dissection and Aortic aneurysm and the diseases of Carotid Arteries are Carotid artery disease and Carotid artery dissection.

7. What are the various types of Diagnostic tests?
They are: Blood tests, Echocardiogram, Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, Cardiac Stress test and Listening with the Stethoscope i.e. Auscultation. It also includes ECG or EKG i.e. Electrocardiogram.

8. What are the devices used to maintain the Blood Pressure?
 they are Artificial Heart, Heart Lung Machine, Ventricular Assist Device and Intra Aortic Balloon Pump.

9. Finally, we want to ask that why you have chosen the field of Cardiologist?
 I chose the area of Cardiologist because of my interest in this field. I wanted to be capable enough to think about the people in need specially those died due to the heart diseases. I chose this because I identified myself devoted in this area to serve people.

10. What are the various duties of a Pediatrician?
he provides all types of immediate health care duties. He acts as a promoter for the children in approving the public education, entrance to the health care and services to the children. These procedures have guided to better development and health of young people or children as well as a dwindling of morbidity and mortality rates.

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