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105 Top History of Micro Biology Objective Type Questions And Answers

1. According to Pasteur statements which one of the following is true
a. Living organisms discriminate between stereoisomers
b. Fermentation is a aerobic process
c. Living organisms doesn’t discriminate between stereoisomers
d. Both a and b
Ans: A

2. “I found floating therin earthly particles, some green streaks, spirally wound serpent-wise, and orderly arranged, the whole circumstance of each of these streaks was abut the thickness of a hair on one’s head”…. These words are of
a. Leeuwenhoek
b. A. Jenner
c. Pasteur
d. Koch
Ans: A

3. The principle light- trapping pigment molecule in plants, Algae, and cyanobacteria is
a. Chlorophyll a
b. Chlorophyll b
c. Porphyrin
d. Rhodapsin
Ans: A

4. During Bio Geo chemical cycle some amount of elemental carbon was utilized by the microorganisms. The phenomenon is called as
a. Dissimilation
b. Immobilization
c. Decomposition
d. Neutralization
Ans: B

5. Who demonstrated that open tubes of broth remained free of bacteria when air was free of dust.
a. Abbc Spallanzani
b. John Tyndall
c. Francisco Redi
d. Pasteur
Ans: B

6. Reverse isolation would be appropriate for
a. a patient with tuberculosis
b. a patient who has had minor surgery
c. a patient with glaucoma
d. a patient with leukemia
Ans: A

7. The symptome “ general feeling of illness and discomfort “ is called
a. Cystitis
b. Malaise
c. Anaphylactic shock
d. Arthritis
Ans: B

8. On soybean which of the following forms symbiotism
a. Azatobactor paspali
b. Rhizobium
c. Nostoc
d. Bradyrhizobium
Ans: D

9. Who provide the evidence that bacteriophage nucleic acid but not protein enters the host cell during infection
a. Alfred D.Hershey & Leonard Tatum in 1951.
b. Alfred D.Hershey & Zindar Lederberg in 1951.
c. Alfred D.Hershey & Martha Chase in 1952.
d. Alfred D.Hershey & Macleod in 1952.
Ans: C

10. Spirulina belongs to
a. Xanthophyceae
b. Cyanophyceae
c. Rhodophyceae
d. Pheophyceae
Ans: B

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