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Basic History of Micro Biology Objective Type Questions And Answers

31. In electron microscope, what material is used as an objective lense?
a. Magnetic coils
b. Superfine glass
c. Aluminium foils
d. Electrons
Ans: A

32. The main feature of prokaryotic organism is
a. Absence of locomotion
b. Absence of nuclear envelope
c. Absence of nuclear material
d. Absence of protein synthesis
Ans: B

33. The stalked particles on the cristae of mitochondria are called
a. Glyoxysomes
b. Peroxisomes
c. Oxysomes
d. Spherosomes
Ans: B

34. Antiseptic methods were first introduced by
a. Lord Lister
b. Iwanowski
c. Beijernick
d. Edward Jenner
Ans: A

35. Kuru disease in Humans is caused by
a. Bacteria
b. Viroides
c. Prions
d. Mycoplasma
Ans: C

36. A mutation that produces termination codon is
a. Mis-sense mutation
b. Neutral mutation
c. Non-sense mutation
d. Reverse mutation
Ans: C

37. During conjunction the genetic material will be transferred through
a. Cell wall
b. Medium
c. Pili
d. Capsule
Ans: C

38. Antiseptic surgery was discovered by
a. Joseph Lister
b. Ernest Abbe
c. Pasteur
d. Beijerink
Ans: A

39. Tuberculosis is a
a. Water borne disease
b. Air borne disease
c. Food borne disease
d. Atthropod borne disease
Ans: B

40. Phagocytic phenomenon was discovered by
a. Louis Pasteur
b. Alexander Fleming
c. Metchnikof
d. Robert Koch
Ans: C

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