Thursday, 29 October 2015

History of Micro Biology Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21. Which type of spores are produced sexually?
a. Conidia
b. Sporangiospores
c. Ascospores
d. None of these
Ans: C

22. Bacterial transformation was discovered by
a. Ederberg and Tatum
b. Beadle and Tatum
c. Griffith
d. None of these
Ans: A

23. Father of microbiology is
a. Louis Pasteur
b. Lister
c. A.V. Leeuwenhock
d. Robert Koch
Ans: C

24. The antiseptic method was first demonstrated by
a. Lwanowski
b. Lord Lister
c. Edward Jenner
d. Beijerinck
Ans: B

25. Small pox vaccine was first discovered by
a. Robert Koch
b. Louis Pasteur
c. Lister
d. Edward Jenner
Ans: D

26. The term mutation was coined by
a. Pasteur
b. Darwin
c. Hugo devries
d. Lamark
Ans: C

27. Compound microscope was discovered by
a. Antony von
b. Pasteur
c. Johnsen & Hans
d. None of these
Ans: C

28. Father of Medical Microbiology is
a. Pasteur
b. Jenner
c. Koch
d. A.L.Hock
Ans: C

29. Disease that affects many people at different countries is termed as
a. Sporadic
b. Pandemic
c. Epidemic
d. Endemic
Ans: B

30. Prophylaxis of cholera is
a. Protected water supply
b. Environmental sanitation
c. Immunization with killed vaccines
d. All of these
Ans: B

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