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Experienced Drugs Acting On Central Nervous System Objective Type Questions And Answers

71. Great caution must be exercised in the use of this drug (or drugs from the same class) in parkinsonian patients who have prostatic hypertrophy or obstructive gastrointestinal disease
(a) Benztropine
(b) Carbidopa
(c) Levodopa
(d) Ropinirole
(e) Selegiline
Ans: A

72. Which of the following statements about pramipexole is accurate?
(a) Activates dopamine D2 receptors
(b) Commonly a first-line therapy for Parkinson’s disease
(c) May cause postural hypotension
(d) Not an ergot derivative
(e) All of the above
Ans: E

73. Tolcapone may be of value in patient being treated with levodopa–carbidopa because it
(a) Activates catechol – O – methyltransferease
(b) Decreases formation of 3 – O – methyldopa
(c) Inhibits monoamine oxidase type B
(d) Inhibits dopamine reuptake
(e) Releases dopamine from nerve endings
Ans: B

74. Concerning hypotheses for the pathophysiologic basis of schizophrenia, which one of the following statements is accurate?
(a) Positron emission tomography has shown decreased dopamine receptors in the brains of both untreated and drug-treated schizophrenics
(b) Drugs that block dopamine receptors are useful for alleviating psychotic symptoms in parkinsoniam patients
(c) The clinical potency of many antipsychotic drugs correlates well with their beta adrenoceptor-blocking actions
(d) Drug-induced psychosis can occur without activation of brain dopamine receptors
(e) All effective antipsychotic drugs have high affinity for dopamine D2 receptors
Ans: D

75. Choose the correct statement from the following?
(a) Muscimol is GABAB selective
(b) Bicuculline is GABAA agonist
(c) Picrotoxin blocks chloride channels associated with GABAA receptors
(d) Baclofen is GABAA agonist
Ans: C

76. A 30-year-old male patient is on drug therapy for a psychiatric problem. He complains that he feels “flat” and that he gets confused at times. He has been gaining weight and has lost his sex drive. As he moves his had, you notice a slight tremor. He tells you that since he has been on medication he is always thirsty and frequently has to urinate. The drug he is most likely to be taking is
(a) Clonazepam
(b) Clozapine
(c) Haloperidol
(d) Lithium
(e) Trifluoperazine
Ans: D

77. A young male patient diagnosed as schizophrenic develops severe muscle cramps with torticollis a short time after drug therapy is intiated with haloperidol. The best course of action would be to
(a) Add clozapine to the drug regimen
(b) Discontinue haloperidol and observe the patient
(c) Give oral diphenydramine
(d) Switch the patient to fluphenazine
(e) Inject benztropine
Ans: E

78. Which one of the following statements about the action of phenothiazines is accurate?
(a) They activate muscarinic receptors
(b) They are antiemetic
(c) They decrease serum prolactin levels
(d) They elevate the seizure threshold
(e) They raise blood pressure
Ans: B

79. Within days of starting haloperidol treatment for a psychatric disorder, a young male patient developed severe generalized muscle rigidity and a high fever. In the emergency room he was incoherent, with increased heart rate, hypotension, and diaphoresis, Laboratory studies indicated acidosis, leukocytosis, and increased creatine kinase. The most likely reason for these symptoms is that the patient was suffering from
(a) Agranulocytosis
(b) A severe bacterial infection
(c) Neuroleptic malignant syndrome
(d) Spastic retrocollis
(e) Tardive dyskinesia
Ans: C

80. Following is the main inhibitory transmitter in the brain
(a) Dopamine
(b) Norepinephrine
(c) Glycine
(d) GABA
Ans: D

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