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Frequently Asked Drugs Acting On Central Nervous System Objective Type Questions And Answers

81. Concerning the proposed mechanisms of action of antidepressant drugs, which one of the following statements is accurate?
(a) Bupropion is an effective inhibitor of NE and 5-HT transporters
(b) Chronic treatment with an antidepressant often leads to the up-regulation of adrenoceptors
(c) Elevation in amine metabolites in cerebrospinal fluid is characteristic of most depressed patients prior to drug therapy
(d) MAO inhibitors used as antidepressants selectively decrease the metabolism of norepinephrine
(e) The acute effect of most tricyclics is to block the neuronal reuptake of both norepinephrine and serotonin in the CNS
Ans: E

82. Which one of the following effects is unlikely to occur during treatment with amitriptyline?
(a) Alpha adrenoceptor blockade
(b) Elevation of the seizure threshold
(c) Mydriasis
(d) Sedation
(e) Urinary retention
Ans: B

83. A 54-year-old male patient was using fluoxetine for depression but decided to stop taking the drug. When questioned, he said that it affected his sexual performance and that “he wasn’t getting any younger.” You notice that he is a used of tobacco products. If you decide to reinstitute drug therapy in this patient, the best choice would be
(a) Amoxapine
(b) Bupropion
(c) Imipramine
(d) Sertraline
(e) Venlafaxine
Ans: B

84. Regarding maprotiline, which one of the following statements is accurate?
(a) Blocks serotonin reuptake selectively
(b) Cause hypertension
(c) Raises the seizure threshold
(d) Sedation occurs commonly
(e) Has a tricyclic structure
Ans: D

85. Which one of the following drugs is most likely to be of value in obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD)?
(a) Amitriptyline
(b) Bupropion
(c) Clomipramine
(d) Desipramine
(e) Mirtazapine
Ans: C

86. Compared with other antidepressant drugs, mirtazapine has the distinctive ability to act as an antagonist of
(a) Alpha2 adrenoceptors
(b) Beta adrenoceptors
(c) D2 receptors
(d) NE transporters
(e) 5-HT transporters
Ans: A

87. Established clinical uses of this drug include enuresis and chronic pain
(a) Bupropion
(b) Fluvoxamine
(c) Imipramine
(d) Phenelzine
(e) Selegiline
Ans: C

88. Which one of the following drugs is most likely to increase plasma levels of alprazolam, the ophyline, and warfarin
(a) Desipramine
(b) Fluvoxamine
(c) Imipramine
(d) Nefazodone
(e) Venlafaxine
Ans: B

89. Which one of the following actions of opioid analgesics is mediated via activation of kappa receptors?
(a) Cerebral Vascular dilation
(b) Decreased uterine tone
(c) Euphoria
(d) Sedation
(e) Psychologic dependence
Ans: D

90. ______ antagonists are known to attenuate some of the actions of alcohol.
(c) NMDA
(d) Glycine
Ans: A

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