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Freshers Drugs Acting On Central Nervous System Objective Type Questions And Answers

91. Which one of the following statements about propoxyphene is accurate?
(a) Analgesia equivalent to oxycodone
(b) Antagonist at mu receptors
(c) Causes dose-limiting diarrhea
(d) Highly effective cough suppressant
(e) Seizures have occurred in overdose
Ans: E

92. A young male patient is brought to the emergency room of a hospital suffering from an overdose of cocaine following intravenous administration. His symptoms are unlikely to include
(a) Agitation
(b) Bradycardia
(c) Hyperthermia
(d) Myocardial infarct
(e) Seizures
Ans: B

93. Which one of the following statements about hallucinogens is accurate?
(a) Mescaline and related hallucinogens are thought to exert their CNS actions through dopaminergic systems in the brain
(b) Teratogenic effects are known to occur with the use of LSD during pregnancy
(c) Scopolamine is unique among hallucinogens in that animals will self-administer it
(d) Dilated pupils, tachycardia, tremor and increased alertness are characteristic effects of psilocybin
(e) Phencyclidine can be anticipated to cause dry mouth and urinary retention
Ans: D

94. Which one of the following signs or symptoms is likely to occur with marijuana?
(a) Bradycardia
(b) Conjunctival reddening
(c) Hypertension
(d) Increased psychomotor performance
(e) Mydriasis
Ans: B

95. This agent has sedative and amnestic properties. Small doses added to alcoholic beverages are not readily detected by taste and have been used in “date rape” attacks. The drug is chemically related to a brain inhibitory neurotransmitter. Which one of the following most closely resembles the description given?
(a) Amyl nitrite
(b) Flunitrazepam
(c) Gamma-hydroxybutyrate
(d) Hashish
(e) Metcathinone
Ans: C

96. The patient is started on gemfibrozil. The major mechanism of action of gemfibrozil is
(a) Increased excretion of bile acid salts
(b) Increased expression of high-affinity LDL receptors
(c) Increased lipid hydrolysis by lipoprotein lipase
(d) Inhibition of secretion of VLDL by the liver
(e) Reduction of secretion of HDL by the liver
Ans: C

97. When used as monotherapy, a major toxicity of gemfibrozil is increased risk of
(a) Bloating and constipation
(b) Cholelithiasis
(c) Hyperuricemia
(d) Liver damage
(e) Severe cardiac arrhythmia
Ans: B

98. Alcohol drinking is associated with which of the following changes in serum lipid concentrations?
(a) Decreased HDL cholesterol
(b) Decreased IDL cholesterol
(c) Decreased VLDL cholesterol
(d) Increased LDL cholesterol
(e) Increased triglyceride
Ans: E

99. A patient suffering from a depressive disorder is being treted with imipramine. If he uses diphenhydramine for allergic rhinitis, a drug interaction is likely to occur because
(a) Diphehydramine inhibits imipramine metabolism
(b) Both drugs block reuptake of norepinephrine released from sympathetic nerve endings
(c) Imipramine inhibits the metabolism of diphenydramine
(d) Both drugs block muscarinic receptors
(e) The drugs compete with each other for renal elimination
Ans: D

100. If phenelzine is administered to a patient taking fluoxetine, the most likely result is
(a) Antagonism of the antidepressant action of fluoxetine
(b) A decrease in the plasma levels of fluoxetine
(c) Hypertensive crisis
(d) Priapism
(e) Agitation, muscle rigidity, hyperthermia, seizures
Ans: E

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