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Experienced Nursing Quiz Questions and Answers pdf

31 .             Which of the following reasons is the most important, as well as the most widely accepted, reason for nurses using nursing process?
A.    Increase the unique body of knowledge known as nursing.
B.    Help clients meet their actual and potential health problems.
C.    Communicate with other members of the team.
D.    Standardize the care of clients with the same diagnoses.
Ans: C

32 .             The primary source of data for the client's database is which of the following sources?
A.    nurse's recording of health history
B.    recent clinic or hospital records
C.    physician's history and physical
D.    Client
Ans: B,D

33 .             Which of the following statements best describes a wellness nursing diagnosis for an individual, family, or community?
A.    clinical judgment of transition to a higher level of wellness
B.    nursing judgment that in some area no pathology exists
C.    a judgment that in some area there is more wellness than illness
D.    statement of an area of family strength to use in interventions
Ans: A

34 .             When reading the nursing-care plan of a newly assigned client prior to caring for this client, the LPN/LVN will notice that potential problems are stated using how many parts in the statement?
A.    One
B.    Two
C.    Three
D.    Four
Ans: B

35 .             The physician writes an order for "progressive ambulation, as tolerated." The RN writes an order for "Dangle for 5 min. 12 h post op and stand at bedside 24 h post op." The LVN assigned to care for this client should do which of the following?
A.    Call the physician for clarification of the ambulation orders.
B.    Check with the State Board of Nursing for an opinion.
C.    Check client's vital signs before dangling or standing client.
D.    Dangle or stand client only if they are agreeable to this.
Ans: C

36 .             When does the nurse chart an intervention that involves administering medication to a client?
A.    before the end of shift
B.    before the next dose of medication or treatment is due
C.    within one hour
D.    Immediately
Ans: D

37.             When writing goals/outcomes for clients, the nurse should do which of the following?
A.    Combine related diagnoses and write a goal or goals for this set.
B.    Write goals that the treatment team believes are important.
C.    Involve the client in determining the goals/desired outcomes.
D.    Combine no more than two nursing diagnoses per goal.
Ans: C

38 .             The client you are assigned to has four nursing diagnoses. Which of the following would you assign the highest priority?
A.    chest pain related to cough secondary to pneumonia
B.    self-care deficit related to activity intolerance secondary to sleep-pattern disturbance
C.    risk for altered family processes secondary to hospitalization
D.    self-esteem deficit situational
Ans: A

39 .             Which of the following activities on the part of the nurse most demonstrates individualization of the nursing-care plan for a client?
A.    Include client's preferred times of care and methods used.
B.    Write the care plan instead of taking it off the computer.
C.    Use a care plan from a book but add some things to it.
D.    Select nursing diagnoses that match the client's problems
Ans: A.

40 .             You are doing the evaluation step of the nursing process and find that two of the goals for the client have not been met. Which of the following actions would be best on your part?
A.    Stop working on these goals, as evaluation is the last step.
B.    Assess client's motivation for complying with the care plan.
C.    Reassess problem and then review care plan and revise as needed.
D.    Determine if the client has a knowledge deficit causing nonattainment.
Ans: C

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