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Freshers Nursing Questions and Answers pdf

21.             Which of the following people have the largest percentage of water in their bodies?
A.    fat men
B.    lean men
C.    lean women
D.    fat women
Ans:  B

22.             When talking with a client about complete and incomplete proteins, which of the following would you use as the best example of a complete protein?
A.    olives
B.    rice
C.    eggs
D.    Nuts
Ans:  C

23.             In instructing a client on cholesterol, the nurse will teach which of the following things?
A.    The body does not need cholesterol.
B.    Most cholesterol in the body is destroyed in the small intestine.
C.    The majority of cholesterol in the body comes from eating fatty foods.
D.    Most cholesterol is synthesized in the liver.
Ans:  D

24.             A client asks which of the vitamins can be stored in the body. Which of the following answers by the nurse would be correct?
A.    C
B.    B1 thiamine
C.    Biotin
D.    D
Ans:  D

25.             The newborn infant's stomach capacity is approximately which of the following in milliliters?
A.    50
B.    90
C.    120
D.    160
Ans:  B

26.             You are feeding a newborn infant in the nursery, as the mother is having some procedure done at this time. Before the infant finishes taking the contents of the bottle of formula, the infant slowly stops sucking and falls asleep. Which of the following actions would be best on your part?
A.    Wake the baby by tickling the bottoms of the feet and then try feeding.
B.    Wait about 30 minutes, then try to get the infant to take the formula.
C.    Report this feeding behavior to the supervisior immediately.
D.    Discontinue the feeding and allow the infant to sleep at this time.

27.             The nurse will teach clients to use which of the following groups from the food pyramid in the greatest amounts?
A.    carbohydrates such as grains, potatoes, and rice
B.    vegetables and fruits
C.    milk and milk products
D.    proteins such as meat and meat products

28.             You are working with a client who is on a full liquid diet. The client is demanding some ice cream. Which of the following responses on your part would be best?
A.    Tell the client that ice cream is not allowed on a full liquid diet.
B.    Call the physician and report the client\92s demands.
C.    Get the client some plain vanilla ice cream.
D.    Ask the supervising nurse to talk with the client.
Ans:  C

29.             The phosphate level of a newborn is best described in which of the following ways when comparing the newborn's phosphate level with that of an adult?
A.    nearly half that of the adult
B.    about one fourth that of an adult
C.    nearly twice that of an adult
D.    approximately the same as an adult
Ans:  C

30.             The nurse is checking the placement of a nasogastric tube prior to giving medication and a feeding. Which of the following is the preferred and most accurate method of testing?
A.    Insert 5 to 20 mm of air into the tube while listening over the stomach with a stethoscope.
B.    Aspirate 20 to 30 ml of gastrointestinal secretions and test the pH.
C.    Insert 15 to 20 cc of water into the stomach and listen with the stethoscope.
D.    Place an open end of the tube into a glass of water and check for bubbles.
Ans:  B

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