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Nursing Multiple choice Questions and Answers

11. Which of the following actions by a practical/vocational nursing student represents the best example of deductive reasoning?
A.    observing that a client is constipated then doing some data gathering on client's health practices
B.    assessing a client using Maslow's Hierarchy, then defining client's problem in terms of nutrition
C.    suspecting that a client is not being truthful and checking other sources for information
D.    identifying several alternative courses of action and deciding on the best course of action
Ans: B

12. In the daily practice of nursing, nurses use critical thinking in:
A.    setting priorities for the day.
B.    every decision that is made.
C.    calling the pharmacy to obtain a medication.
D.    checking supplies in the client's room.
Ans: A

13. When the nurse problem solves and has implemented a solution from several solutions identified, the nurse most needs to do which of the following things?
A.    Discard the solutions that were not selected for implementation.
B.    Implement a second solution, comparing its usefulness with the first solution.
C.    Evaluate the effectiveness of the solution implemented.
D.    Consider the problem solving completed in this case.
Ans:  C

14 . Using Strader's seven-step decision-making process, the nurse needs to first identify the purpose. What must the nurse do next?
A.    Decide who will be involved in the decision.
B.    Enlist the cooperation of the client.
C.    Set the criteria.
D.    Identify solutions.
Ans: C

15 . Nurses, as they progress in their education, will most likely do which of the following things?
A.    Learn to develop a personal theory of nursing.
B.    Become less interested in bedside nursing.
C.    Lose their ability to think critically in clinical areas.
D.    Have increased enjoyment when doing paperwork.
Ans: A

16 .             When nurses assist clients in exploring their lifestyle habits and health behaviors to identify health risks, nurses are most likely to use which of the following models?
A.    medical model
B.    wellness models
C.    psychosocial model
D.    physiological model
Ans:     B

17 .             The lowest level of needs in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is which of the following?
A.    safety and security needs
B.    love and belonging needs
C.    physiologic needs
D.    self-esteem needs
Ans: C

18 .             In Hildegard Peplau's Interpersonal Relations Model, the focus is on which of the following?
A.    individual
B.    community
C.    larger society
D.    Family
Ans:     A

19 .             In Virginia Henderson's 1966 definition of nursing, a person/client has which of the following numbers of fundamental needs ?
A.    7
B.    14
C.    18
D.    22
Ans: B

20 .             Which of the following therorists stressed energy fields in their nursing theory?
A.    Dorothea Orem
B.    Helen Neuman
C.    Rosemarie Parse
D.    Martha E. Rogers
Ans: D

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