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Frequently Asked Renal Physiology Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41. The clearance of PAH is equal to:
A. Glomerular filtration rate.
B. Renal blood flow.
C. Filtration fraction.
D. Renal plasma flow.
Ans: D

42. All the following are true about the kidney Except:
A. It secretes 25-hydroxycholecaciferol.
B. It secretes prostaglandins.
C. It secretes erythropoietin.
D. It participates in blood pressure regulation.
Ans: A

43. To calculate urea clearance, the following data should be available:
A. Concentration of urea in the blood.
B. Concentration of urea in urine.
C. Volume of urine.
D. All of the above.
Ans: D

44. Glucose:
A. Has a plasma clearance equal to GFR.
B. Has a normal Tm of 180 mg%.
C. Has a clearance value equal to zero ml/min.
D. Is filtered by the glomeruli & passively reabsorbed in PCT.
Ans: C

46. The clearance of inulin is equal to:
B. Filtration fraction.
C. Filtration coefficient.
D. Renal plasma flow.
Ans: A

47. All the following are true about the kidney Except:
A. About 85% of the nephrons are cortical.
B. About 15% of the nephrons have long loop of Henle.
C. The afferent arteriolar pressure is 60 mmHg.
D. The peritubular capillary pressure is about 12 mm of Hg.
Ans: C

48. One of the following about the kidney is NOT true:
A. Rate of renal blood flow is less than GFR.
B. GFR is normally 125 ml/min.
C. Most of the glomerular filtrate is reabsorbed.
D. GFR is normally equal to inulin clearance.
Ans: A

49. In the loop of Henle:
A. Urea is actively secreted.
B. Na+ is actively reabsorbed in descending limb of loop of Henle.
C. Water passes out of the descending limb of loop of Henle.
D. ADH absorbs water from ascending limb of loop of Henle.
Ans: C

50. The measured urea clearance shows that, it is:
A. Equal to that of inulin.
B. Completely reabsorbed in the DCT.
C. Faltered & partially reabsorbed.
D. Faltered & secreted.
Ans: C

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