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Tricky Renal Physiology Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

51. Osmolarity of tubular fluid is 4 times with respect to plasma in:
A. Ascending limb of the loop of Henle.
B. Distal convoluted tubule (DCT).
C. DCT & ascending limb of loop of Henle.
D. Collecting ducts.
Ans: D

52. In the PCT:
A. 90% OF glucose is absorbed.
B. Water is actively reabsorbed.
C. Na+ is actively reabsorbed.
D. Urea is secreted.
Ans: C

53. Micturition:
A. Is initiated if the intravesicular pressure reaches 1.0 cm water.
B. A feeling of urgency arises when bladder contains 60 ml of urine
C. Is stimulated by motor parasympathetic impulses.
D. Is not influenced by the brain in any way.
Ans: C

54. Any substance faltered by the glomeruli & secreted but not absorbed will have renal clearance :
A. Equal to GFR.
B. Less than the clearance of inulin.
C. Equal to clearance of urea.
D. Greater than the clearance of inulin.
Ans: D

55. To compensate for acidosis the kidney:
A. Alkalizes urine.
B. Increases Na+ excretion.
C. Secrete 50% of filtered bicarbonate.
D. Excrete titrable acid & ammonium salts.
Ans: D

57. The GFR:
A. Increases when pressure in Bowman’s capsule increases.
B. Decreases when afferent arteriole constricts.
C. Decreases when efferent arteriole constricts.
D. Increases when glomerular O.P. increases.
Ans: B

58. Regarding glomerular filtrate, all the following are true Except:
A. It is a selective process.
B. It is devoid of blood cells & plasma proteins.
C. Glycoproteins in the filtration barrier are –vely charged.
D. The size & the charge of solute determine filterability.
Ans: A

59. An enzyme that causes renal formation of ammonia is:
A. Renin.
B. Adenyl cyclase.
C. Glutaminase.
D. Carbonic anhydrase.
Ans: C

60.The volume of plasma needed each minute to supply a substance at the rate at which it is excreted in urine is known as:
A. Filtration rate of the substance.
B. Excretion ratio of the substance.
C. Clearance of the substance.
D. Diffusion constant of the substance.
Ans: C

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