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General Pharmacology Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

31. Which equation is used to predict the stability of a drug product at room temperature from experiments at accelerated temperature?
(a) The stokes equation
(b) The Yong equation
(c) The Arrhenius equation
(d) The Michaelis – Menten equation
(e) The Hixson – Crowell equation
Ans: C

32. Based on the relation between the degree of ionization and the solubility of a weak acid, the drug aspirin (pKa 3.49) will be most soluble at
(a) pH 1.0
(b) pH 2.0
(c) pH 3.0
(d) pH 4.0
(e) pH 6.0
Ans: E

33. The particle size of the dispersed solid in a suspension is usually greater than
(a) 0.5 µm
(b) 0.4 µm
(c) 0.3 µm
(d) 0.2 µm
(e) 0.1 µm
Ans: A

34. In the extemporaneous preparation of a suspension, levigation is used to
(a) Reduce the zeta potential
(b) Avoid bacterial growth
(c) Reduce particle size
(d) Enhance viscosity
(e) Reduce viscosity
Ans: C

35. Active transport differs from facilitated transport in following ways, except
(a) Carrier is involved
(b) It is against concentration gradient
(c) Energy is required
(d) All of the above
Ans: A

36. Vanishing cream is an ointment that may be classified as
(a) A water –soluble base
(b) An oleaginous base
(c) An absorption base
(d) An emulsion base
(e) An oleic base
Ans: D

37. Rectal suppositories intended for adult use usually weigh approximately
(a) 1g
(b) 2g
(c) 3g
(d) 4g
(e) 5g
Ans: B

38. In the fusion method of making cocoa butter suppositories,which substance is most likely to be used to lubricate the mold?
(a) Mineral oil
(b) Propylene glycol
(c) Cetyl alcohol
(d) Stearic acid
(e) Magnesium silicate
Ans: A

39. A very fine powdered chemical is defined as one that
(a) Completely passes through a # 80 sieve
(b) Completely passes through a # 120 sieve
(c) Completely passes through a # 20 sieve
(d) Passes through a # 60 sieve and not more than 40% through a # 100 sieve
(e) Passes through a # 40 sieve and not more than 60% through a # 60 sieve
Ans: B

40. Which technique is typically used to mill camphor?
(a) Trituration
(b) Levigation
(c) Pulverization and intervention
(d) Geometric dilution
(e) Attrition
Ans: C

41. Which type of paper best protects a divided hygroscopic powder?
(a) Waxed paper
(b) Glassine
(c) White bond
(d) Blue bond
(e) Vegetable parchment
Ans: A

42. Which capsule size has the smallest capacity?
(a) 5
(b) 4
(c) 1
(d) 0
(e) 000
Ans: A

43. The shells of soft gelatin capsules may be made elastic or plastic–like by the addition of
(a) Sorbitol
(b) Povidone
(c) Polyethylene glycol
(d) Lactose
(e) pKa of the solution
Ans: A

44. Nonionic surface-active agents used as synthetic emulsifiers include
(a) Tragacanth
(b) Sodium lauryl sulphate
(c) Sorbitan esters(spans)
Ans: A

45. A ceramic mortar may be preferable to a glass mortar when
(a) A volatile oil is added to a powder mixture
(b) Colored substances (dyes) are mixed into a powder
(c) Comminution is desired in addition to mixing
Ans: C

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