Thursday, 29 October 2015

Medical Microbiology Online Quiz Questions And Answers

46. Intradermal test employed for diagnosis of LGV is
a. Frei test
b. Mantoux test
c. Schick test
d. Dick test
Ans: A

47. Which algae is pathogenic to human?
a. Cephaloeuros
b. Ulothrix
c. Macrocystis
d. Prototheca
Ans: D

48. Erythromycin is obtained from
a. S.griseus
b. S.rimosus
c. S.scabies
d. S.erythraeus
Ans: D

49. Common cold is caused by
a. Adeno virus
b. Corono virus
c. Hepatitis virus
d. Pox virus
Ans: B

50. The causative agent of conjunctivitis:
a. Adeno virus
b. Corono virus
c. Paramyxo virus
d. None of these
Ans: A

51. Antibiotics used for treatment of cholera are
a. Tetracyclines
b. Penicillins
c. Streptomycines
d. None of these
Ans: A

52. Salmonella typhi is causative organism of
a. Undulent fever
b. Remittent fever
c. Dengue fever
d. Enteric fever
Ans: D

53. Which of the following Salmonella paratyphi is the commonest in India?
a. A
b. B
c. C
d. None of these
Ans: A

54. In enteric fever, the organ lodging maximum number of the organism is
a. Liver
b. Gall bladder
c. Small intestine
d. Large intestine
Ans: B

55. True about Enteric fever is
a. Bacteraemia in first week
b. Carrier in 90%
c. All serotypes cause the disease
d. Rosy spots on 18th day
Ans: A

56. Gastroenteritis is caused by
a. Shigella
b. V.cholerae
c. V.cholera Parahaenolyticus
d. S.typhi
Ans: C

57. E.coli produces the following toxins:
a. Enterotoxins
b. Endotoxins
c. Verocytotoxins
d. Hemolysins
Ans: B

58. The following infections caused by Esch. Coli, except
a. Urinary tract infections
b. Septic infections of wounds
c. Diarrhoea
d. Dysentery
e. Meningitis
Ans: E

59. Diphtheria is caused by
a. Corynebacterium diphtheriae
b. C. Bovis
c. C. Jeikeium
d. C. equi
Ans: A

60. Causative organism of diphtheria was first demonstrated by
a. Robert Koch
b. Lois Pasteur
c. Klebs and Loeffler
d. Volhard and Fahr
Ans: C

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