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Most Recently Asked Drugs Acting On Central Nervous System Objective Type Questions And Answers

51. You have a vial containing 4 mL of a 2% solution of lidocaine. How much lidocaine is present in 1 mL?
(a) 2 mg
(b) 8 mg
(c) 20 mg
(d) 80 mg
(e) 200 mg
Ans: C

52. Which one of the following statements about the toxicity of local anaesthetics is most correct?
(a) Serious cardiovascular reactions are more likely to occur with tetracaine than with bupivacaine
(b) Cyanosis may occur following injection of large doses of lidocaine, especially in patients with pulmonary disease
(c) Intravenous injection of local anaesthetics may stimulate ectopic cardiac pacemaker activity
(d) In overdosage, hyperventilation (with oxygen) is helpful to correct acidosis and lower extracellular potassium
(e) Most local anaesthetics cause vasoconstriction
Ans: D

53. Epinephrine added to a solution of lidocaine for a peripheral nerve block will
(a) Increase the risk of convulsions
(b) Increase the duration of anesthetic action of the local anesthetic
(c) Both (A) and (B)
(d) Neither (A) nor (B)
(e) None of the above
Ans: B

54. A child requires multiple minor surgical procedures in the nasopharynx. Which of the following drugs has high surface activity and vasoconstrictor actions that reduce bleeding in mucous membrane?
(a) Benzocaine
(b) Bupivacaine
(c) Cocaine
(d) Lidocaine
(e) Procaine
Ans: C

55. Characteristics of nondepolarizing neuromuscular blockade include which one of the following?
(a) Block of posttetanic potentiation
(b) Histamine blocking action
(c) Poorly sustained titanic tension
(d) Significant muscle fasciculations during onset of block
(e) Stimulation of autonomic ganglia
Ans: C

56. Which of the following does not cause skeletal muscle contactions or twitching?
(a) Acetylcholine
(b) Nicotine
(c) Strychnine
(d) Succinylcholine
(e) Vecuronium
Ans: E

57. Which one of the following is most effective in the management of malignant hyperthermia?
(a) Baclofen
(b) Dantrolene
(c) Haloperidol
(d) Succinylcholine
(e) Vecuronium
Ans: B

58. Following is a G-protein coupled receptor
(a) AMPA
(b) Kainate
(c) NMDA
(d) Metabotropic
Ans: D

59. Which one of the following drugs is most often associated with hypotension caused by histamine release?
(a) Diazepam
(b) Pancuronium
(c) Tizanidine
(d) Tubocurarine
(e) Vecuronium
Ans: D

60. Which one of the following drugs has caused hyperkalemia leading to cardiac arrest in patients with neurologic disorders?
(a) Baclofen
(b) Dantrolene
(c) Succinylcholine
(d) Tubocurarine
(e) Vecuronium
Ans: C

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