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Tricky Drugs Acting On Central Nervous System Objective Type Questions And Answers

41. Following is GABAB agonist
(a) Muscimol
(b) Baclofen
(c) Picrotoxin
(d) Bicuculline
Ans: B

42. Following is GABAA antagonist
(a) Muscimol
(b) Bicuculline
(c) Strychnine
(d) Baclofen
Ans: B

43. The inhalation anesthetic with the fastest onset of action is
(a) Enflurane
(b) Isoflurane
(c) Nitric oxide
(d) Nitrogen dioxide
(e) Nitrous oxide
Ans: E

44. An intravenous bolus dose of thiopental usually leads to loss of onsciousness within 10–15 seconds. If no further drugs are administered, the patient will regain consciousness in just a few minutes. The reason for this, that thiopental is 
(a) A good substrate for renal tubular secretion
(b) Exhaled rapidly
(c) Rapidly metabolized by hepatic enzymes
(d) Redistributed from brain to other body tissues
(e) Secreted in the bile
Ans: D

45. Respiratory depression following use of this agent may be reversed by administration of flumazenil
(a) Desflurane
(b) Fentanyl
(c) Ketamine
(d) Midazolam
(e) Propofol
Ans: D

46. Use of this agent is associated with a high incidence of disorientation, sensory and perceptual illusions, and vivid dreams during recovery from anesthesia
(a) Diazepam
(b) Fentanyl
(c) Ketamine
(d) Midazolam
(e) Thiopental
Ans: C

47. Postoperative vomiting is uncommon with this intravenous agent; patients are able to ambulate sooner than those who receive other anaesthetics
(a) Enflurane
(b) Ketamine
(c) Morphine
(d) Propofol
(e) Remifentanil
Ans: D

48. The pKa of lidocaine is 7.9. In infected tissue at pH 6.9, the fraction in the ionized form will be
(a) 1%
(b) 10%
(c) 50%
(d) 90%
(e) 99%
Ans: D

49. Which of the following statements about nerve blockade with local anaesthetics is most correct?
(a) Block is faster in onset in infected tissues
(b) Block is faster in onset in unmyelinated fibers
(c) Block is slower in onset in hypocalcemia
(d) Block is faster in onset in hyperkalemia
(e) Block is slower in onset in the periphery of a nerve bundle than in the center of a bundle
Ans: D

50. Which of the following was the first compound to be identified Pharmacologically as a transmitter in the CNS ?
(a) Glycine
(b) Glutamate
(c) Acetulcholine
(d) Norepinephrine
Ans: C

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