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Most recent asked Medical Microbiology Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

106. Toxin produced by C. botulism is
a. Botulin
b. Tetanospasmin
c. Tetanolysin
d. Cholaragen
Ans: A

107. “Toxic shock syndrome” is caused by the toxin of
a. Staphylococcus aureus
b. Streptococcus pyoge
c. Vibrio cholerae
d. Candida
Ans: A

108. Causative agent of syphilis
a. T. pallidum
b. T. pertenue
c. T. carateum
d. T. endemicum
Ans: A

109. Spirochaelis are sensitive to
a. Penicillin
b. Chloramphenicols
c. Erythromycin
d. Tetracyclins
Ans: B

110. Specific test for syphilis is
a. VDRL test
c. FTA
d. None of these
Ans: A

111. VDRL test is a
a. Agglutination test
b. Slide flocculation test
c. Precipitation test
d. None of these
Ans: B

112. The following characters are true about Neisseria gonorrhoeae except
a. Gram-negative, aerobic bacteria
b. Non-motile diplococci
c. Oxidase positive organisms
d. Air borne infection
Ans: D

113. Gonorrhoea is
a. Air borne disease
b. Water borne disease
c. Sexually transmitted venereal disease
d. Both a and c
Ans: C

114. Bartholin cyst is caused by
a. Candida
b. Streptococcus
c. Staphylococcus
d. Gonococcus
Ans: D

115. Neisseria gonorrhoeae causes
a. Urethritis
b. Conjuctivitis
c. Arthritis
d. All of the above
Ans: D

116. Virulence in gonococcus is due to
a. Pili
b. Cell membrane
c. Its cellular location
d. Cyclic enzymes
Ans: A

117. Japanese encephalitis is caused by
a. Toga Viruses
b. Arbo Viruses
c. Para myxo Viruses
d. Ortho myxo Viruses
Ans: B

118. In India, Japanese b encephalitis was first isolated from the mosquitoes of the
a. Culex tritaeriorhynchus
b. Culex annulirostris
c. Culex vishnui
d. None of these
Ans: C

119. Dengue virus is transmitted from man to man by the
a. Sand fly
b. Ticks
c. Aedes aegypti
d. Culex
Ans: C

120. Yellow fever is caused by
a. Bunya virus
b. Calci virus
c. Arbo virus
d. None of these
Ans: C

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